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Ireland: Significant things.

Knock Shrine. Co. Mayo.

Ireland should be focussed on the profound significance of Knock, and this most especially in the context of the Apocalypse, and this means in the context of these very last times of the world as we know it, and the preparations for the Lord's Second Coming in judgement.

The Country needs to awaken to this and to help others to do the same. It will now be very difficult to do so before Our Lord's glorious Second Coming Itself. Nevertheless, even amidst the greatest difficulties, it must try. Humans must try to keep to good, established, Church teaching and ways. And Plan and Prepare for the Lord.

The significance of what is currently taking shape in the country cannot be emphasized enough; the identity of the country, which has already been gradually changing over many decades, is now being escalated in the wrong direction. Changing to emphasize the false route of the so-called 'enlightenment;' the old eighteenth century man made philosophies (man's rights before God's Rights philosophies) so destructive to mankind. And which so many countries have long since followed, as corresponds with mankind's demise.

There is no such thing as a 'modern society ' there is only trying to achieve an "ideal society" a type of which was monastic Christendom; all types of society since are part of mankind's wrong direction and demise. Why? Because the first goal in life is unto salvation following this short sojourn upon God's earth. But which sojourn determines much! For when we die, we go to judgement!

At all times the apostate angels, now the world in vast, vast numbers, as foretold in the Apocalypse, and in the Secret of La Salette, for these last times of the world, will seek to implicate the relatively very few humans left in the world, in their own rebellion against God.

Indeed, the great difficulty, as for all countries of the world, is that humans are now vastly out-numbered by the apostate angels. Humans are in great danger of being drawn and coerced into their subtle and cunning ways

Man is God's creature, and one forgets to fear God at one's peril. The Rights of God and the Rights of the people to live in accordance with God's revelation (true rights) always come first unto the goal of salvation. But now there is an overseeing type of pluralistic (all beliefs and none held to be equal and the same) paganism.

Mankind should be living unto the goal of salvation. The apostate angels (the incarnate demons) seek the opposite; they want to drag souls down into hell.

Humans of Ireland, which has such a treasured role in preparing for the Lord's Second Coming, try to protect the Catholic Faith, and with it the path of salvation.

O Mary our Mother, how you would have us prepare in the right way for your Son.

The following question, (the question itself contained in the Booklet) is unique to these last times of the world as we know it; it can only make sense (and which it does make sense) in the circumstances of this era (the question has its own build up to it) and the question itself is for secularists/non-believers to answer. But it is of interest to both believers and non- believers, as reflected in the full Booklet's task, and which is: To help non-believers to believe, and to believe that these are the very last times of the world as we know it. And to help those who already believe to understand that these are the very last times of the world as we know it.

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