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Why there were Two versions of the Secret of La Salette.

Melanie released two versions of her Secret and this caused a level confusion that affected the longer version of her Secret when it was released. The reasons for there being two versions of Melanie's Secret are shown here.

see in context in the Questions and Answers section on the Home Page.

see also ( and which includes the apparition itself):

Q.15 Just going back to Melanie's Secret. The Church focused on
the parts of the Secret that referred specifically to the Church
Herself, there was also the difficulty that there were two versions of
Melanie's Secret. Can you tell us why there were two versions and
about the confusion this caused?

A. Yes, the apparition was of itself very formal. And given in the way
that one might expect of an Old Testament prophet. And some, and
for obvious and clear reasons, found it difficult to accept. It was highly
controversial. But it should be made clear that the Church did approve
the apparition at La Salette as being an apparition of the Blessed Virgin
Mary. But as concerns the Secret, the Church needed to focus on the
parts that accord with the Apocalypse. But Melanie stated that during
apparition, at the time of receiving the Secret, that she was told not to
disclose it until 1858.

Q16. Did the local Bishop carry out the investigation straight away?

A. Yes, he began the investigations within weeks. The theological
commission investigated and answered all questions and objections,
and was in place for two years. The Bishop's favourable conclusions
were then sent to Pope Pius IX, who responded asking Bishop de
Bruillard to build a beautiful church at La Salette.

His favourable conclusions meaning that the
apparition would be formally declared worthy of belief.

Q.17 Did the Bishop make the announcement straight away?

A. He was just about to when the Metropolitan Cardinal, who had,
in effect, come to be a focus for the clergy who were not comfortable
about the apparition, stepped in to say that the announcement should
not be made without the contents of the Secret having been made
known to the Church. And, technically, the Cardinal had a valid point.

Q.18 Did this cause a dilemma for the Bishop?

A. The Bishop would not have put himself at odds with the Cardinal.
But with Melanie stating that she had been told not to release the secret
until 1858, and it was then 1848. Ten years to wait.

It was all very curious. And many pilgrims were flocking to La Salette,
which had its own spring of healing water, and soon with some canonically
approved miracles. One hundred thousand pilgrims are said to have been
at the sight of the apparition for the first anniversary.

Q.19 What did Melanie do?

A. After three years she wrote a short and general version of the
Secret, to be made known only to the Pope. This was sent to Pope
Pius IX and, within three months, Bishop de Bruillard had made the
announcement giving formal approval.

Q.20 What happened next?

A. Melanie sent the long version to Pope Pius in 1858, but there was
no response and it was soon classified as "lost." But in 1879 Melanie
gained a Bishop's imprimatur for the Secret, meaning it would be
protected from being placed on the Forbidden Index. And it was at
this point that she showed a copy to Pope Leo XIII in Rome. He took
an interest in it, but soon all commentaries on it were placed on the
Forbidden Index.

Q.21 Was this because of what the Secret says about what will
happen to the Church?

A. Yes. The wording with the Index entries shows this entirely.
But as already emphasized the Church needed to heed the context
of the Apocalypse. Otherwise the danger was that it set itself against
the Secret, and in turn against focusing on the Apocalypse, and in turn
from a focus on these being the very last times of the world; indeed
distracted from the whole era of the Apocalypse, and all that this means.

And indeed the last chastisement upon mankind; the incarnate demons
flooding mankind; indeed, swarming as "locusts" is a severe one. At Our
Lord's Second Coming, and when we will be rid of them, there will be much
vast and sparse land! And very many will wonder where those whom they
have long known have gone.

And of course humans must look to be prepared properly for Our Lord's
Second Coming.

Q.22 Do you think that Pope Leo XIII and his successors recognized
anything to do with the Secret in the context of the Apocalypse?

A. It is difficult to know the extent of what they knew and/or accepted.
The difficulty for the popes would have been in knowing how to deal
with it since, in acknowledging it, and making it known - in the context
of the Secret - it would inevitably mean all emphasis was on what would
happen to the Church. And which they would not have been able to
accept. But as mentioned, in rejecting the commentaries on the Secret,
they silenced the connection to the Apocalypse (chapters 8&9) and Apocalypse
chapter 20:7-8 as well. And, in turn, that these are the very last times of the
world as we know it.

The final chastisement is not upon the Church Herself (as though exclusively)
it is upon mankind. But it affects the Church and the Church needed to protect
Herself, and mankind, as far as possible, by alerting to what was happening.
What was needed was a focus in the Church on the Trust and confidence in
the Church that Our Lord said that He would be with His Church all through
the days ".... even to the consummation of the world." (Matt 28:19-20)

But the popes obviously did the best that they could according to what they
understood in the whole context of the Secret. These were very complex and
difficult circumstances for them.

But what is clear is that as they increasingly tried to protect the Church, it
was as though they knew and yet did not know.

Q.23 And so this was all a crucial time for Church and mankind.

A. Yes, very much so, to say the very least !

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