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St Malachy's timing is accurate.


Christ The King.

The Christmas period (until February 2nd) and as we move towards Easter, is a time to be reminded and to be mindful that Our Lord's birth took place in time and was an historical event. And that it took place in fulfilment of the scriptures. It was even foretold that Our Lord would be born in Bethlehem[Matt 2:6] [Mich 5:2.]

The three wise men were three kings who came from the East; following Our Lord's star [Matt 2:1-2] and who came from afar bearing their precious gifts to present kneeling to Jesus; the King of Kings. [Matt 2:11]. The Feast of The Epiphany (January 6th.)

Many a wise King in the earlier centuries recognized Our Lord Jesus to be the King of Kings. All leaders are reminded that Our Lord is King of Kings and ruler of rulers.

Christmas: Celebrations of the Birth of Our Lord God And Saviour.

The Hypostatic Union and God's love for mankind.

The Hypostatic union and God's love for mankind:

Only God Himself could save mankind from our sins; only the perfect sacrifice; His great sacrifice, could suffice for God's Justice.
The Hypostatic union is the term used to explain Our Lord God and Saviour taking on human flesh; to become man, without losing a single feature of the God Head; true God and true man.
Jesus Christ (God the Son) begotten of God the Father before all ages; God from God. He is of one substance with the Father, and one substance with the Holy Spirit; Consubstantial with God the Father and Consubstantial with God the Holy Spirit. Fully equal in all ways. It was through Him (God the Son) that all things were made. [Jn 1:1-14.] Taking on human flesh did not diminish His God Head in any way. The Hypostatic Union is described in the following way:

"A theological term used with reference to the Incarnation to express the revealed truth that in Christ one person subsists in Two natures, the Divine and the Human. Hypostasis means, literally, that which lies beneath as basis or foundation."( New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia on line: Hypostatic Union.)

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