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If you have visited this site before this may have been to access some historical information. Or just some general information about significant feast days etc. And some will perhaps have visited when it was concerned with seeking a Catholic burial for King Richard III.

This site is now focused on the crucial matter of these being the very last times of the world as we know it. And that there must be preparation for the Lord's Second Coming in Judgement.

And an awakening as to events foretold in The Apocalypse and that we are now into Chapter 14 which has a real urgency about it. Chapter 15 reveals to us as to how we must be at that time (of Our Lord's Second Coming (Apoc. Ch 14. v.14.) And in preparation for Armagedon (Apoc. chap 16)(and which, as I understand it, will happen almost simultaneously.) And which is the culmination of the great battle between good and evil. The battle which humans have, tragically, long neglected.

And a realisation as to how these last days are foretold, in scripture and in ancient prophesy, to affect the Church and mankind. The (relatively) recent apparitions; La Salette, and Knock in Ireland, are both directly related to scripture; the Apocalypse (have Apocalyptic content.)

Please also note the following:

Genesis III:XV The Finale And The Second Coming of Christ.

Do please purchase a copy, it does prove (gives more than enough evidence to show) what some have long speculated; humans are not alone on this planet in these last times of the world; apostate angels are amongst us. And you will know that we really are in the very last decades of the world. it is essential reading.

Information about it is on a number of pages on this website and I hope you will find the Questions and Answers particularly useful.

Also the Booklet:

The Booklet can be read in full on this website, please see home page. And please see The Booklet page for buying paper copies.

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