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Ireland: Significant things.

For God, and Life, and Ireland.

For God, and Life, and Ireland. Ireland: Significant things happening.

The significance of what is taking shape in Ireland cannot be emphasized enough; the identity of the country is slowly being changed. The country now stands at a great crossroads.

Man is God's creature, and all that is happening in the country is linked directly to the great warning given by the Blessed Virgin during Her apparition at La Salette, as to how the Faith would be abolished “little by little” by apostate angels. The final great chastisement upon mankind. Many humans are drawn and coerced into their subtle and cunning ways.

Why is all of this so closely linked to Ireland and coming to a head at this time? Because Catholic Ireland was, and until recently, as a country so strong in the Faith, and that strong Faith is still being maintained by those determined for themselves and for their children. The Faith being abolished “little by little” is very apparent in Catholic countries; it reflects, recognizably, throughout society; the Rights of God and the Rights of the people to live in accordance with God's revelation, being replaced by a pagan direction under the guise of “man's rights.” It is the direction of great peril for human souls that many countries have long lived under.

There are Catholic countries who have and who are trying to maintain the Faith, amidst many obstacles. Ireland, throughout the centuries of mankind's turmoil has been able to maintain the Faith. Oh Ireland, who has such a profound and treasured role in preparing for the Lord's Second Coming, protect the Faith, and with it the path of salvation for yourselves, and for your children.

Ireland has a profound role in preparations for Our Lord's Second Coming in Judgement. Was not St John at Knock St John of The Apocalypse too? Ireland Awaken!
The Apocalypse of St John is the last book of the New Testament and the white robes of Knock are a teaching as to Apocalypse 7:14; to resoluteness and steadfastness in the Faith amidst the great tribulation of the last times. (Apocalypse 7:13-17.)

The last times of the world.

Humans need to recognize that we are in the very last times of the world as we know it. God created the world, He created mankind. Humans are God's creatures. The final great chastisement, foretold in both scripture and prophesy, is upon mankind and has been since 1864. It is foretold of in scripture in a number of ways, for example, in the Apocalypse:

And when the thousand years are finished, Satan will be
released from his prison, and will go forth and deceive the
nations which are in the four corners of the earth, Gog and
Magog, and will gather them together for the battle; the
number of whom is as the sand of the sea. And they went
up over the breadth of the earth and encompassed the
camp of the saints, and the beloved city....[Apocalypse 20:7-8]

(the thousand years being an indeterminable period between Our Lord's resurrection from the dead and His Second Coming in judgement.)

And the Blessed Virgin Herself brought the great warning during Her apparition at La Salette in 1846, telling in the Secret of La Salette of how:

“…...... God will permit the old serpent to place divisions among rulers, in all societies and in all families; physical and moral pains will be suffered...." (5)

"In the year 1864, Lucifer with a great number of demons will be unleashed from hell; they will abolish the Faith little by little and even in persons consecrated to God; they will blind them in such a way that barring a particular grace these persons will take on the spirit of these bad angels: several religious houses will lose the Faith entirely and will lose many souls." (11)

"Evil books will be abundant on earth, and the spirits of darkness will spread everywhere a universal slackening in all that concerns the service of God................The dead and the just will be made to revive.[That is to say that these dead will take the appearance of just souls who had lived on earth, in order to lead men further astray: these so called resurrected dead, who will be nothing other than the demon under these appearances, will preach another Gospel contrary to the one of the true Christ Jesus, denying the existence of heaven, or they may also be the souls of the dammed. All these souls will appear as if united to their bodies.] There will be in all places extraordinary wonders, because the true Faith is dying out and because false light enlightens the world.…..(12)

Melanie (the seer of La Salette) stated that she made the comment (in brackets above concerning the dead and the just reviving;' "the demons under these appearances")"according to the vision I had in the moment that the very Blessed Virgin was speaking of the resurrection of the dead."[Le Secret De Melanie, p. 29-30]

"All the civil governments will have one and the same plan, which will be to abolish, and to make disappear all religious principle, in order to make way for materialism, atheism, spiritualism and all kinds of vices." (17)

The Secret of La Salette gained (from Bishop Zola of Leece) a Bishop's imprimatur (let it be printed) and its accompanying nihil obstat (nothing forbids) in the autumn of 1879. And so very close to the time of Knock (August 1879.) The Secret is, and always has been, in good standing in the Church.

Humans should be striving to please God in preparation for the Lord's Second Coming in Judgement. Such striving would bring great blessings upon us and our families. Even amidst great difficulties we must try.

There is more about this era in the description of the book:

O Mary our Mother, how you would have us prepare in the right way for your Son.

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