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Pro-Life Imperative: Lives and Souls:

Pro-Life: Imperative.

The concern is for lives And for souls.

All humans should do what they can to steer well clear of the abortion industry, with its multi-faceted approach, and to help others to keep clear of it. Many humans are coerced into its remit; in particular the medical profession. All of those who promote and facilitate abortion must think carefully as to the ways in which their souls, and the souls of others, are being placed in danger.

The modern era 'rights' talk; that which places man's 'rights' before the Rights of God, and as concerns abortion, is entirely of the false and wrong direction of mankind; promoted and exacerbated by the apostate angels (incarnate demons) who live amongst us in this era (and now in vast numbers (the world is flooded with them) in these very last years of the world as we know it.

In contrast to the man first approach, Church teaching is based on Eternal Truth, and Divine Law, which never changes. God's Laws are always the same. This true Christian values and teaching can counteract each of the so-called “rights” based arguments.

It is God who has first Rights over every child. He gives to each child a role in life for His service, no one has any right to take this away.

God gave mankind free will, but it MUST be conformed to His. He gave us the commandments. Our Lord God and Saviour when asked as to the greatest commandment replied:

“Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart,
and with thy whole soul, and with thy whole mind. This
is the greatest and the first commandment. And the
second is like it, 'Thou shalt love thy neigbor as thyself...'(Matt. 22:37-39)

And the words of the Our Father are: “Thy will be done....”

Our lives must be focussed on the goal of salvation. We go to Judgement after this very short sojourn upon God's earth.

In effect, the abortion industry ethos tries to deny the existence of heaven. This because a soul is for always; God made man; the soul, immortal. A child is for always! The reason why Catholics pray too for the aborted.

And what of Our Lord's words as to a greater love:

Greater love than this no one has, that one
lay down his life for his friends....(Jn. 15:13.)

Many down through the years have been called upon to do so for complete strangers. As Mothers down through the centuries have found themselves in a position where they have put their child's life first. And in this era, a rarity. But the greater love principle is always there.

And a child with a diagnosed 'abnormality' needs care and help; and indeed sometimes a miracle. And needs to be given that chance. Not that their life be ended.

The abortionists, and the professionals in place under their agenda and training, give abortion loaded advice.

But indeed the so called “choice” arguments are misplaced. Because the “family is already complete” argument, and the “cannot give a child the life it should have “ argument, and the “career would be affected” argument, cannot stand in any way against the value of a human life, nor against the adoption and fostering options and provisions available.

And the conception as a result of rape or incest argument cannot stand in any way against the value of a human life and that the value of a person is not dependent on the circumstances of their conception, nor can it stand against the adoption and fostering options and provisions available.

And so what it comes down to is all those involved in an abortion and its various processes are not seeking enough that those extra months, weeks, or even days, of pregnancy be given to a child that the child will have its life and lifetime, wherever, and however long that might be.

The evil of abortion:

And this is a main part of the evil of abortion. Not only does it kill a child and in barbaric ways (the baby no matter what its age wincing away from the instruments that are dragging it away, sometimes in pieces, the baby left to die alone in a dark room or corridor, the baby who has poison injected into its heart, the baby whose brain is taken out (partial birth abortion.)

There is also the often unforeseen (by humans) further tragic effects; the mother with intense regrets left longing for her child's embrace. A father in distress at having been unable to protect his child.


And there is much help available; there is all the work of the Catholic Church, all the parish work, all the Catholic charities; all the various groups and organizations; all the giving to help. Gifts and financial help abounds from directions all around. And a few more months can indeed find fostering and adoption available. But what is being heard by what are often vulnerable youngsters seeking advice from professionals? Does it not in effect include that they club their resources together to end their child's life instead; to end its beating human heart that yearns, as is natural for humans, to beat next to theirs. And what would any human mother or father not give to save their child's life from those seeking to harm it through subtle words and deadly instruments. But forgotten because it cannot call out to them for it is yet in the womb. Wake up humans, all who are being made part of this terrible evil.

And in these last days of the world as we know it the focus of all should be on preparations for Our Lord's Second Coming in Judgement.

The Blessed Virgin warned at La Salette as to how in this last era, under the influence of the apostate angels amongst us, and those humans whom they influence, that there will be a denial of the existence of heaven. And, sure enough it is all about man's own rights. But one forgets to fear God at one's peril.

All humans should keep in mind that Our Lord God and Saviour living amongst us, suffering and dying for us and His glorious resurrection from the dead, is an historical fact; it took place in time in accordance with that foretold of in scripture. And that the fundamental basis of all Christian belief is that our Lord (our Saviour) paid for us the price of every sin, and saved us from an automatic descent into hell upon death. Humans must be joined with His glorious resurrection from the dead. At all costs humans must seek not to go to hell.

Humans should be striving to please God in preparation for the Lord's Second Coming in Judgement. Abortion is not a side issue it is a major issue; it is a grave sin, and an unspeakable crime.

The recent referendum on Abortion in Ireland (May 2018) is a tragic example of what is happening in this last era of the world; with citizens, in effect, being asked to be facilitators of abortion via their votes, and with many involved in trying to promote just that! And with the formal announcement as to the referendum taking place on Holy Thursday; unto the night of Our Lord 's agony in the garden of Gethsemane; where He did sweat Blood for us in anticipation of His suffering ahead in paying for us the price of every sin.

And with the referendum itself held in the month of May; the month long dedicated to the Blessed Virgin.

In contrast, we must strive to please God; such striving would bring great blessings upon us and our families and our country. Even amidst the great difficulties of these last days of the world, we have to try.

Below is on the May 2018 referendum on abortion in Ireland. Now archived but can be read here. Ireland:Life.
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