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A Prayer to Jesus.

The renowned Spiritual director, Jesuit Fr Jean Croiset (1656-1738) wrote the following:

".....There is nothing to which Jesus Christ has so solemnly pledged Himself as to hear our prayers;
but of all prayers there is none so agreeable to Him as that by which we ask for His love. He has
bound Himself strictly to grant this love to all those who ask for it, but even if He had not bound
Himself to grant this love, this request for His love would bind Him to grant it......Jesus Christ has
done all that we can imagine, even more than we can imagine, to induce us to love Him. It depends
on Him to grant us this love, dare we think He will refuse it to us if we ask it of Him? But it must
be that this love is little esteemed, since it is asked for so little. You are astonished that you do
not love Jesus ardently...but you should be still more astonished if you loved Him without praying
for this love, since it is the greatest of all God's gifts." (Fr Jean Croiset SJ)

(quoted by Fr Francis Larkin sscc in his book: Enthronement of the Sacred Heart.)

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