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The Two eras.

This Era (the two eras.)

We have, in effect, two final eras. The era of Preparation For The Lord. And the era that the apostate angels have set in place.

Humans are amidst a terrible final chastisement upon mankind; the apostate angels, in human form (incarnate demons) and with their vast intelligence; the “locusts” released from “the bottomless pit” foretold in the Apocalypse (Apoc;9:1-3.) And with the warning given to the Church at La Salette in France in 1846, as to their approaching release from hell (in 1864.) This, the “locusts” with their swarming, is the final “flood” upon wayward mankind.

Now, more than one hundred and fifty years and numerous generations on from 1864, humans are (more condensed in some circumstances than others), in effect, dispersed intermittently amidst the apostate angels, and ever decreasing in numbers as we move towards the 2030's. This, in turn, affirms that we are in the very, very last days of the world as we know it. And also, of course, draws attention to the great (especially spiritual) dangers that humans are in.

Accordingly, what is written on this site is underlined with urgency.

In effect, we are living in two distinct eras that are running concurrently; the era of the preparation for the Lord's Second Coming in judgement (the era that humans must be in.) And the era that the apostate angels have set in place and which humans are amidst, and caught up in.

The apostate angels have set in place what can be termed: “the era of the hollow facade.” Their societal setting is a general setting of distraction away from God and our needed focus on the Eternal Wisdom, our true treasure, and our true learning, unto salvation. A general distraction for humans by which they lead humans astray with their goal of leading souls on into their abode of hell, where they reign and reside. A place where, at all and every conceivable cost imaginable, humans MUST NOT GO!

And in this, their era of distracting humans, they are in control in the sense that they take both sides in any dispute; are in both teams, are on all sides, are in all groups and organizations, and humans are amidst and embroiled in this. And all built upon, all or for the most part, from a previous human era. The eighteenth century was the last whole century of mankind.

Humans must stand in the right era; the era of preparations for The Lord.

We must always be asking ourselves as to how we can love God more, always seeking to please Him; pleasing God is the award that all humans should crave. To give greater glory to God (see esp. St John's gospel ch 14- 17 .) All whilst making our paths straight, our lives steady and stable; away from distractions and help as many humans as possible to do the same. And all in what is ever increasingly an immediate preparation for the Lord.

(see more on this era in: A Short guide to Understanding the Apocalypse, and the Last times that we are in.) The guide emphasizes, and with a focus on guidance found in the Apocalypse itself, very especially how we need to be in immediate preparation for the Lord.

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