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The Blessed Virgin Mary in God's plan of salvation.

The Blessed Virgin Mary in God's plan of salvation.

It is vitally important to understand the Immaculate Conception and perpetual sinlessness of the Blessed Virgin Mary. That She was conceived without sin and remains Immaculate; without sin and as befits the one who is our Lord God's own Mother ; She conceived Our Lord God and Saviour Jesus Christ by the power of God The Holy Spirit. The Blessed Virgin Mary has a most great role in the guidance of the Church; the Blessed Virgin was at prayer in the midst of the apostles at Pentecost; She is Queen of the Apostles. And She is our Mother, given by Our Lord Himself during His most painful moments on the Cross: "Woman, behold, your son" "Son, behold, your Mother" (Jn 19:26,27) The Blessed Virgin always leads Her children to Her Son; Our Lord God and Redeemer Jesus Christ.
In the garden of Eden, Adam and Eve fell, and all of mankind with them. Lucifer, the serpent; the devil, had tricked Eve, but God's great mercy reveals a great chance for mankind, as shown in His words addressed to the serpent, Lucifer, the devil, just after Adam and Eve had eaten the forbidden fruit; the words are found in Genesis 3:15. God said:

"I will put enmity between you and the woman, between
your seed and her seed; He shall crush your head, and you
shall lie in wait for his heel. "[Gen 3:15]

This is the one battle that the whole of mankind are part of, whether this is understood by individuals or not. We humans are all the seed of the Woman and are called to unite and be part of this great battle against the devil and his demons. The battle is being fought all around us in every moment of our lives. This is the one battle, it is the great battle; it is the battle for our souls!
The greatest part of this Battle; thee greatest help for mankind is the Christ coming amongst us, to suffer and die for us, restoring the life of Grace to us and to rise again in His glorious resurrection from the dead and which redemption we are called to be joined with. Our Lord God, who dwells in glory, humbled Himself to partake of our human nature; making Himself "the Son of Man" the Seed of "the woman" for our sakes.
Our Lord God and Saviour; Jesus Christ, is born of a Woman; the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Blessed Virgin had God Himself growing in Her womb. For this She had to worthy, and She had to be worthy in a way and to an extent that is beyond our comprehension. Whereas the fallen angel, Lucifer, had extracted the dreaded response from Eve, now we find Mary "full of grace," full of Eternal Wisdom, and when the good angel; the Archangel Gabriel, appeared to Her, She, in contrast to Eve, responded in exactly the right way. She replied with Her fiat, Her "Yes" to become the Mother of God.
Now, in a real sense, the work of the early Fathers of the Church, in recognizing the Blessed Virgin Mary as Immaculate, without sin, was made easy for them, since, in conceiving Jesus, by the power of God the Holy Spirit, Mary, from whose Immaculate Heart the Sacred Heart of the Baby Jesus grows, must be entirely free from sin.. And herein lies the Blessed Virgin Mary's great power over the serpent and his demons; because the Blessed Virgin Mary, from the first moment of Her own conception; Her Immaculate Conception, had to be free from all sin and must, therefore, Herself be able to resist the evil ones; the devil and his demons. All of this is in contrast to Eve who was deceived by the serpent. As the Mother of God, the Bleesed Virgin was given very special privileges by God. The Blessed Virgin Mary is our Mother and powerful advocate on our behalf with God. All this is through God's great mercy upon mankind, and all of this is traditional Catholic teaching.
All of this is of the most immense significance; the understanding of the Blessed Virgin Mary's great protection of us, Her children, and how we absolutely must engage with Her powerful Spiritual Maternity, and none more so than now in these terrifying last times in which we live. The Blessed Virgin Mary, our Mother, always leads Her children along the way of salvation and always seeks to avail us with Her own worthiness as She takes us to Her Son, our Redeemer. And traditional Catholic Church teaching is indeed that the redeemed must have the same Mother as the Redeemer.

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