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England,Mary's Dowry and The Secret of La Salette.

England, Mary's Dowry and The Secret of La Salette

In the context of England being Mary's Dowry, there is the secret of La Salette (Maximin's secret) and the very special circumstances concerning Saint John Vianney that drew attention to the country in the secret being England.
We do not know this for certain, however, and the secret could relate to any relevant country.
But there is some interesting background that led up to John Vianney's prophesy.
During Her apparition at La Salette in 1846, the Blessed Virgin gave a secret to each of the two
young Seers, Melanie, aged 14 and Maximin, aged 11. Maximin's secret contained the following words:

"A protestant nation from the north of Europe will convert to the Faith
and, by means of this nation, the other nations will return to the Faith."

There was no date given for Maximin's secret to be disclosed but shortly after the conclusion of the formal investigation into the La Salette apparition, the children came under pressure to reveal their secrets. The Local Bishop, Bishop de Bruillard, who had begun his investigations into the apparition swiftly (October 1846) concluded them in 1848, and he sent a booklet "The truth about the Events of La Salette" to Pope Pius in August 1848. The Pope replied favourably the following month, instructing Bishop de Bruillard to build a beautiful church at La Salette (later raised to a Basilica by Pope Leo XIII.)
Bishop de Brulliard was about to announce formally on the Church approval of the apparition, however, it was felt in some quarters that without knowing what the secrets contained a formal declaration would be difficult. The children did not want to reveal their secrets but would have become increasingly anxious that a formal approval depended on them doing so, and they agreed that they would write the secrets down for the Pope, and which they did in 1851. Cardinal de Boland, of the Metropolitan of Lyon, had asked them to do so.
Pope Pius IX read the secrets but nothing further happened and they remained in the Vatican archives until they were discovered in 1999 by Fr Michael Corteville while researching for his book: La Grande nouvelle des bergers de la Salette (The Great news of the shepherds of La Salette.)
Meanwhile, within two months of Pope Pius reading the secrets, Bishop de Brulliard gave the formal announcement at La Salette (September 1851) declaring the apparition authentic. He gave an outstanding pastoral message and I just want to include it here, he said that the apparition:

"has within itself all the characteristics of the truth, and that the faithful are
justified in believing it beyond doubt and for certain "(art.1). "Hence, in
order to bear our warmest gratitude to God and to the glorious Virgin Mary,
we authorise the devotion to Our Lady of La Salette. We allow the clergy to
preach on this great Event and draw the practical and moral consequences
arising from it."(art.3) "We expressly forbid the faithful and the clergy of
our diocese ever to speak or write against the Event which we proclaim this
day and which, henceforth, demands the respect of all."(5)......

"We entreat you, our dear brethren, for the sake of your heavenly and even
earthly interests, seriously to examine yourselves, to do penance for your
sins, and particularly those committed against the second and third
commandments of God.".."We entreat you, our dearly beloved brethren:
make yourselves docile to the voice of Mary who calls you to do penance,
and who, on behalf of Her Son, threatens you with spiritual and temporal
ills if, remaining insensitive to Her maternal warnings, you harden your

Bishop de Brulliard was also very supportive of the two young Seers themselves, and they were given a place at the boarding school of the Sisters of Providence in the nearby town of Corps. The children were allowed to meet with the pilgrims to La Salette who also came to see them. During these years the children would patiently answer the many questions about the apparition and also the ones about their secrets. The children were often offered bribes to disclose the secrets but which on each occasion they refused to do.
During this time Maximin, with his extrovert, quite happy-go-lucky character, developed a certain response to those who did not believe in the apparition, to the effect of "well that's what you believe then" it was to get him into some trouble!
His approach coincided with two men visiting him who wanted to know his secret. When he refused to disclose it to them they reckoned that he might disclose it to Pere John Vianney, the Cure da Ars, the saintly priest of Ars, well known for spending very lengthy periods of time hearing confessions and who was well known to be a great promoter of La Salette. Somehow, the men persuaded Maximin to visit John Vianney with them.
When they got there, however, they had to wait and they found themselves in the company of the curate, M. Raymond, who did not believe in the apparition at La Salette. It must have been something of a difficult atmosphere because Maximin, with his now certain negative response and attitude to those who did not believe in La Salette, somehow gave M. Raymond the impression that he had denied the apparition. M.Raymond lost no time in reporting this to the Cure.
Maximin, who was always very protective of La Salette, was absolutely distraught when he found out what had happened and insisted that he had been misinterpreted, nevertheless, it hit John Vianney hard and he began to develop doubts about La Salette, this concerned him deeply as he had indeed been its arch proponent; sending people on pilgrimages, writing of it, distributing medals etc.
After several years of turmoil the saintly priest asked for and received three signs from heaven as to the authenticity of La Salette. Archbishop William Ullathorne of Birmingham had, very providentially, visited John Vianney soon after this enlightenment and he reported the following of the saintly priest:

"Suddenly he interrupted me by opening those eyes - cast into shadow by their depth,
when listening or reflecting - and streaming forth their light upon me in a manner I
can never forget, he said, in a voice as firm and full of confidence as though he were
making an act of faith..." I believe that the Church in England will recover her ancient
splendour." I am sure he firmly believes this, from whatever source he has derived the

Maximin and Melanie, the Seers of La Salette.

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