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Buying the Book. Buying the Booklet.

Buying the Booklet.

Please see below about buying the book. Also, the Booklet:
If you would like to buy more than one copy of the Booklet; this can be in batches of 20. For this you can use the buttons below. Westcliff publishing can send 20 booklets at the parcel rates (and single packaging costs) below, and which is the equivalent of, per Booklet:

£1.25 per Booklet in the UK (inc. postage.)

£1.50 per Booklet in Europe (plus 15p postage.)

£1.50 per Booklet for US & rest of world. (43p postage)

The rrp is £3.20.

Please write in the Paypal message box that you want 20 booklets.

For larger orders please contact Westcliff publishing direct via this website. (see contacts page)

Buying the Book.

PLEASE NOTE THAT GENESIS III:XV THE FINALE IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE. Note that a number of pages on this website include extracts from the book For example:
Fallen creatures. La Salette: A Dilemma for the Popes. St Malachy. Ramsgate early history. The Westcliff. Why The Ordinariate is not Catholic. And see, esp, Questions and Answers. And The Book: details.

Book: Genesis III:XV The Finale And The Second Coming of Christ.

Information about buying the book.

Information about buying the Book is as follows:

Payment is made via Paypal (no Paypal account is needed)

Price £22.00 plus postage and packaging (Pay in any currency.)

(sent (tracked) as a small parcel via Royal Mail)

The authors name appears in the Paypal box. Westcliff publishing sends an email to confirm receipt and an anticipated date for dispatch (normally within 48 hours.) Confirmation of dispatch is sent, with item tracking number. Please note:


postage & packaging UK: £2.80. Total price is £24.80


postage & packaging Europe (all postal zones) is £11.10. Total price is £33.10

USA and rest of the world

Postage & packaging USA & rest of world is £16.50. Total price is £38.50


Europe (all areas)

USA and rest of the world

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