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Saint Augustine's Abbey/National Shrine.

St Augustine's Abbey, and Shrine, Ramsgate.

St Augustine's Abbey; Catholic Church and, since March 2012, designated by the Archdiocese of Southwark as the national shrine of St Augustine; a place of pilgrimage with canonical privileges attached.
The Abbey was built by Augustus Welby Pugin (1812-1852.) He built the Abbey using his own money whilst living next door in the Grange, which has recently been restored by The Landmark Trust; the picture above, below right, (courtesy of the Ramsgate Society) is of the Grange with the Abbey/Shrine next door, in between is tucked St Edwards convent.
Pugin oversaw the project until his death, it was completed by his son, Peter Paul Pugin. The Abbey is full of the most impressive and elaborate architecture (for a virtual tour see link below). Pugin had converted to Catholicism in1835 and bequeathed the Abbey as a gift to the Catholic Church. Pugin and members of his family are buried in the Abbey: The Pugin society state how:

"Pugin taught that architecture, society, morality and Faith are all
interconnected, a new concept at the time for an architect. At
Ramsgate his aim was to create with his building and way of life
the caring society ..of the middle ages. The church bears witness
to his ideals, commitment and artistry." (The Pugin society.)

Pugin wrote:

"My whole soul is devoted to building this church here."

The Abbey/Shrine is at the bottom of Grange Road, at the end of the Westclliff, going towards Ramsgate Harbour.

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