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Devotion to The Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Devotion to The Immaculate Heart of Mary is an ancient devotion in the Church. And St John Eudes(1601-1680) feast day August 19th is known as the Doctor of the Heart of Mary (Pope (Saint) Pius X, a Marian Pope, referred to him especially under this title) and which came from Saint John's great devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and which included his collating the works of saints of previous eras who were themselves devoted to the Immaculate Heart. Shortly before his death, in 1680, St John's book: "The Admirable Heart of Mary" was completed and published. It consisted of twelve books and had taken him twenty years to write.
Sr/St Margaret Mary, devoted to the Sacred heart of Jesus, taught her novices that:

"The most efficacious way to obtain devotion to the Sacred
Heart of Jesus was through the Immaculate Heart of Mary."

By saying "Immaculate" the power of the Heart of the Blessed Virgin is foremost. As the Mother
of God, the Blessed Virgin had to be free from sin; She had to be "Immaculate." It was from Her Heart; Her life source, that the Baby Jesus grew in Her womb. This being so means that Her Heart is sanctified beyond our understanding. Her worthiness is the worthiness of the one given to give birth to and to give a Mother's love to Jesus; Her Son and who is God.
Jesus gave His Mother to be our Mother during His most painful moments on the Cross. To the Blessed Virgin He said:

"Woman, behold thy Son" [Jn 19:26]

and to St John the apostle:

"Behold thy Mother" [Jn 19:27]

She is our Mother and powerful advocate and mediator for us with Jesus, Her Son. We are unworthy, but the Blessed Virgin is worthy. She is our powerful Mother and a powerful protectress against the evil ones. The love of the Immaculate Mother; the love of Her Immaculate Heart, always leads us to Her Son.
Interesting to note that the Church traditionally teaches that the elect (the redeemed) must have the same Mother as the Redeemer. The Blessed Virgin is omnipotent through the grace of God. She is our perfect Mother.

Mary is our powerful protectress and Her Immaculate Heart is part of Her Immaculate status:

Feast Days of The Blessed Virgin (Traditional Calendar).

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